Co-registration Instructions for Satellite Workshops organisers

1. Provide the following information to Academic Conferences (conference organiser for Interspeech 2017):

  • Name of workshop
  • Location
  • DateTime
  • Additional activities
    • If there are multiple activities that you like the participant to register for, please list all activities (and prices if applicable). Examples: Workshop, dinner, reception, excursion, etc.)
  • Currency
    • We can only charge in Swedish currency (SEK).
    • If the fee is in another currency, we will, together with the organiser, decide on a conversion to list the price in SEK (along with a note of price in both currencies if desired).
  • Fees (In the currency announced on the workshop homepage)
    • ISCA full
    • ISCA student
    • non ISCA full
    • non ISCA student
  • Participant information
    • Any specific info you like to collect from the participants in the registration form (besides the name, organisation, email, dietary requests, etc.)
  • Info that you like to include in the confirmation email
    • Since all conference participants receive the same confirmation email, we recommend putting most information on the website and include a link to the workshop website in the confirmation email.
  • Primary contact
    • Name, email, phone
  • Contact information for financial matters
    • Name, email, phone

2. Academic Conferences adds the workshop to the main conference registration form.

3. Payment options:

If the workshop takes place outside of Sweden, the delegates are exempt of the Swedish 25% VAT for this activity. The participants for these workshops need to pay by credit card.

  • Once the workshop is over, Academic Conferences will send an email to the contact with total revenue available for request.
    • If you would like to request partial transfer before the conference is over, please send an email to .
    • Note: There is a 2% credit card fee. This is deducted at the end of each month for transactions made that month. i.e. if participants pay a fee of 500 SEK, the actual revenue for the organiser is 490 SEK.
  • Send Academic Conferences an invoice for the amount (SEK).
    • If you are unable to produce an invoice in SEK, please let Academic Conferences know in advance.
  • Academic Conferences pays the invoice
    • 30 day payment terms on all invoices in Sweden

You may provide the information by filling in this Excel form.

Application instructions:

Download this Excel form, fill in the information requested, and mail your application to .


Download page as pdf.


If you have any questions or concerns please contact: